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After these changes, VS2017 was successfully installed without having to accept the conditions manually. He didn`t take the options because I –. I also added .exe to the executable file to complete. For InstallScript projects, the file type depends on the license dialog box you are using and the settings you pass to it. The SdLicenseEx and SdLicense2Ex functions support .rtf files and text (.txt) files. After installing the .ini Kaspersky Endpoint Security activates the test license, unless you have specified an activation code in the setup.ini file. A trial license usually has a short duration. When the test license expires, all Kaspersky Endpoint Security features will be disabled. To continue using the app, you must activate a commercial license. This option allows you to display an EULA page in the required wizard. Select the RTF license agreement file in the ”EULA path (.rtf)” box. Batch: Why don`t you just install with a normal batch file? The /QN switch bypasses the entire configuration interface sequence and there should be no need to accept license agreements.

MSI logging information (short version: Open protocol and search for ”Value 3” to find bugs). Because the license agreement is only displayed from the launcher if at least one pre-installation is planned for installation, you can view the license agreement when the MSI starts. To prevent the EULA dialog box from appearing in the MSI, if it has already been displayed in the Boostrapper, you must condition it with a show only if. This is the state. I`m trying to install an app in Windows 7 with cmd. During installation, it appears for user license and agreement, and I have to accept it for further installation. I used /S with the .exe file, but the license window opens anyway. I try to install ”wget” for Windows: Powerbi msi accepts ”ACCEPT_EULA = 1”. You can try if all else fails for Visual Studio 2017. You can first wget.exe /? or wget.exe /help in a cmd to get the help windows that normally display all accepted configuration settings.

You can also check the app manufacturer`s website. Normally, in the support area, you will find installation instructions containing accepted parameters. What should be the syntax of the cmd installation so that it does not require acceptance of the license or how to pass with the command so that it can be installed without a pop-up? I`m trying to install a file .msi with C# without any user input. I am struggling to overcome the license agreement for the installation to continue. Is there a way to put back an argument so that the agreement is accepted without the user? In the License Agreement dialog box, the text of your license agreement will be displayed and will include a group of option fields (yes or no). If the end user does not accept acceptance of the EULA, your software will not be installed and the installation will end. In addition, it is possible that setup EXE files also accept the msi: AGREETOLICENSE” or ”ACCEPTEULA” parameters are the ones you are interested in. It is an msi installer that must run and accept a license agreement on the first page and then run the content. Can this be done unattended? I need to deploy Visio Viewer to my network in 2003, and I need to deploy it without user interaction. I downloaded the viewer, vviewer.exe.

After doing a test installation, I found vviewer.msi. In case of regular installation (such as double-clicking on the .exe file or .msi), the user must select a checkbox to accept the EULA and click Finish when everything is ready. . . .

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