Agreement Between Two Churches

Include financial adjustments between churches in the event of termination or withdrawal (see section 9, paragraph 1, of the law). The agreement between the Church of Christ and the United Church of Canada will come into effect in October 2015 at a celebration in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, on the border with the United States. A common divine service and a time of communion will mark the event. Written statements are essential. One pastor lamented: ”How I wish we had all the details written for future references. He would have avoided guessing what was decided in the past. The direction of both groups has changed. A clear agreement keeps misunderstandings to a minimum. Nevertheless, the relationship will certainly be subject to serious burdens, unless there is a deliberate plan to ensure that communication continues. 5. Be realistic in terms of costs and schedules. The legal costs of a division agreement are generally borne by local churches and should budget for them.

Even a simple agreement can take 5 or 6 hours and additional deviations increase costs. Some agreements are concluded within six months, but a complex can take 1 or 2 years, especially if there is a ministerial position during that period. SOCBA provides special provisions for the sharing of churches dedicated to the Church of England (section 5). These remain subject to the faculty of the Church of England and its five-year system of investigations. This applies to church material and church of England mobile content, but not to the mobile contents of a host church. The Church of Wales has similar rules. Karen Georgia Thompson of the United Church of Christ celebrates the vote of support for full communion between her church and the Church of Canada. Source: The United Church of Canada Most Sharing Agreements as part of SOCBA has established a joint board to manage the agreement. If the building is to be shared by a local ecumenical partnership of the Congregation, managed by an ecclesiastical council, the Sharing Agreement may entrust the ECC with the responsibilities of a joint council. However, if the sharing agreement creates a joint board, it should meet at least once a year and fill any vacancies. A procedure to end the relationship if necessary. Try to pay enough attention so that the host community has time to find other facilities, perhaps 60 to 90 days.

The First Church of Torrance formulated this type of arrangement in a letter on church paper. They concluded the business document with a warm message to Chinese groups, Filipinos and Koreans who shared their institutions: a few pairs of churches such as the Methodist and United Reformed Church and the Methodist Church and the Church of England have so much experience with sharing agreements that the Methodist Liaison Office and the Urcian Synod Office or the Anglican Diocese office can generally deal with them easily. The power to conclude the agreement on behalf of the Church of England is conferred by a pastoral system as part of the 1970 ecclesiastical building redistricting measure (No. 2), and the church building will be, as part of the agreement, the common property of the Church of England and another church or church (SOCBA, section 5).

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