Assam Agreement 2020

In a bid to bring lasting peace to Bodo-dominated areas of Assam, the Centre on Monday signed a tripartite agreement with the fearsome insurgent group Boroland National Democratic Front (NDFB) and two other organisations that offer political and economic advantages without advancing in the demand for a separate state or union territory. Bodo Peace Agreement 2020 News Update: On his first visit to Assam after the signing of the Bodo Tripartite Peace Agreement in 2020, Prime Minister Modi announced a package of 1500 billion rupees for the state`s bodo territories. The announcement of the R 1500 crore package for the Bodo areas was made by the Prime Minister at a solemn rally in Kokrajhar in Assam. During the reign of King Kamata Nara Narayan, the country was inhabited by the Bodo or Mech tribe at the foot of the Bhutan hills, i.e. the eastern and western dooars. [8] These areas were known as Kachari Duar and Mech Duar. The British took control of the area, from the Sankosh River in the west to the eastern border of colonial Assam. while the western part (Dooars) remained under British rule as Darjeeling and part of Nepal. This is how these present-day regions of Bodoland were eventually ruled by King Bara. Treaty of Yandabo after victory in the First Anglo-Burmese War in 1826. The war was primarily aimed at controlling northeastern India between the British and Burmese empires. It was then known as Kachari Dwars or Kachari Plains or Kachari country by the British during the British Raj. The Bodo of the Brahmaputra Valley survived among the Khilji, Mogul, Aryan and Shan invaders and settlers.

The kings of Mech Bara ruled different parts of Lower Assam and North Bengal…

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