Collaborative Law Agreement Sample

As I have had the chance to model my participation agreement based on the work of others, I welcome other professionals to modify and adapt the agreement below on collaborative participation like theirs: family cases – The following agreements are intended for divorce and other family law issues, but can be adapted to any type of case. Clients agree that professional observers or collaborative assistants may be present during the process to train or support the process and adhere to the same standards of confidentiality as the collaborative team. Clients also agree that the details of the case can be used for research, training or training (or a combination of these), but only if information that could identify the family has been removed. Communication with children or in the presence of children on housing issues will only take place if appropriate and if it is done by mutual agreement and / or with the advice of a neutral psychologist. We understand that our collaborative lawyer will withdraw from this matter as soon as possible as soon as he learns that one of us has withheld or misre presented information and has not resolved the issue immediately, or has acted otherwise to unfairly undermine or use the collaborative law process. Examples of such acts are the secret disposition on property, the non-indication of assets, debts or income, the abuse of minor children or the planning of flight with children. The parties may decide to use the team`s approach to the collaborative process, in which case they may retain some or all of the following team members with whom they must enter into separate engagement agreements. At the end of the collaborative trial or the withdrawal of one of the two lawyers, the outgoing lawyer will collaborate without delay to facilitate the transmission of the client`s file and the information necessary for the continuation of the client`s representation to the lawyer. However, the resigning attorney will not provide confidential communication and/or collaborative notes/minutes unless both clients consent in writing. The collaborative participation agreement sets out the rules of the collaborative process. Below is a model participation agreement that I use frequently in my cases here in Florida.

Please note that different professionals and different communities use different participation agreements. In addition, the same professional may have different participation agreements depending on the nature of the case or the complexity of the issue. If there are any concerns about domestic violence or intimate partner violence, we will immediately bring those concerns to the attention of our respective lawyer. We will then consider whether we want to continue the collaborative process and, if so, what security measures could be taken. .

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