Joint Committee On The Implementation Of The Withdrawal Agreement

This agreement in principle and the resulting draft text will now be subject to internal EU and UK procedures. A fifth regular meeting of the EU-UK Joint Committee is convened as soon as this has been done, in order to formally adopt it. This will be done in the coming days and before the end of the year. ”This agreement in principle and the resulting draft text will now be subject to internal EU and UK procedures,” the statement said. In addition, most of the implementation work will take place after the end of the transition period. A joint statement by the co-chairs of the EU-UK Joint Committee. The co-chairs of the EU-UK Joint Committee – European Commission Vice-President Maroé Efsovic and British Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Rt Hon Michael Gove – held a political meeting yesterday to discuss outstanding issues over the implementation of the withdrawal agreement. It is essential to ensure that the withdrawal agreement, in particular the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, is fully operational at the end of the transitional period, i.e. from 1 January 2021. The Protocol protects the Belfast Agreement in all its dimensions and maintains peace, stability and prosperity on the island of Ireland.

EU and UK negotiators have been working on a post-Brexit trade deal and continue to do so, although, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday, a deal looks ”very, very difficult” because of the differences that remain on several key points. The parties also agreed on the principle of decisions that the Joint Committee must make before 1 January 2021. This relates in particular to the practicalities of the EU`s presence in Northern Ireland when the UK authorities carry out checks and controls under the protocol, setting criteria for goods considered ”unsealed” upon Britain`s entry into Northern Ireland, the exemption from agricultural subsidies and fishing rules on state aid , the completion of the list of arbitration panel chairs for the dispute settlement mechanism to allow the arbitration panel to begin the settlement. as of next year, as well as the correction of errors and omissions in Schedule 2 of the protocol. After intense and constructive work by the EU and the UK in recent weeks, the two co-chairs can now announce their agreement in principle on all issues, including the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland. 120.The withdrawal agreement provides for the obligation for the United Kingdom to establish an independent supervisory authority (IMA) to oversee the UK`s implementation of civil rights parties. This reflects the role of the European Commission in implementing the rights of British citizens in EU Member States. The IMA will have the power to initiate its own investigations and conduct investigations to respond to the request of the Secretary of State, ministers of the decentralized territories or complaints from persons within the scope of the agreements. The IMA also has the power to intervene in judicial proceedings and to request judicial review. The European Commission and the IMA are required to submit annual reports on the implementation and implementation of citizens` rights provisions in the VA, including the number and nature of complaints received.

The IMA is expected to be fully operational from 31 December 2020 and recruit staff.189 Sefcovic and Gove have agreed on all remaining problematic issues regarding the full implementation of the withdrawal agreement that allowed the UK to leave the EU at the end of January.

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