Stamp Duty Rental Agreement Cyprus

However, all contractual agreements, mortgages or other documents that are established and approved for loan restructuring are exempt from payment of an amount up to the balance of the debt at the time of the credit restructuring. This exemption applies for a period of two years from the time the legislation is published. If stamp duty is not paid within the allotted time (usually, this is the first six months from the signing of the corresponding documents), a small fine is imposed for each day of non-payment. I have already paid (as owner) for the certification officer 20 euros for two copies of contract, so it is me or the tenant now who pays the stamps of 30 euros? The Cypriot tax administration announced that the process of sealing the documents would change on the basis of the value of the document from 27.07.2020. These documents include rent, employment, loans, sale, sales contracts, etc. The deadline, including stamp duty, is set within thirty days of the signing of a document considered to be a sealable document. If, for any reason, an agreement considered stamped is not stamped, a sanction would be imposed. Can someone tell me if it is the landlord or tenant who pays the stamps on the lease? In the case of indeterminate contracts and agreements in Cyprus for which no provision has been made for the payment of stamp duty, a general fee of 35 euros is due for the obligations of property or real estate, taking into account the amount of the lease and the duration of the lease, but for the indeterminate contract , the tax on the stamp is calculated on the basis of the total value of the rent for 100 years. The price of the stamp is based on your monthly rent.

Is not 30 Euros I can assure you that last week, as a friend paid only 2.00 euros hello, Can someone tell me if there is a new law that requires that there be 30 euros worth of stamps on the lease? So far, this has only been a nominal amount of about 1.71 euro. Thank you for knowing the answer to this question. Thank you very much. The law states that in the payment charge falls on the following people, in case no explicit agreement has been signed: The key stamp duty rates for contracts are: stamps that you can get from the local tax office if they stamp your contract, so that you can plug in electricity and it costs nothing but 2 euros.

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