Tenancy Agreement In Sierra Leone

When both the applicants and the defendants spoke of an ”extension” of the lease, doubts were raised as to the type of lease that was renewed. Certainly, the law provides that certain leases can be concluded orally. B up to 2 years. I do not think it is a problem if all the terms, all the times and all the problems do not raise conflicting interpretations, as happened in this case. The clarity required in the land trade documents is now provided by the registration of The Cape 256 instruments of Sierra Leone`s laws (as an amendment), which assumes that the registration of the documents would be written. By other provision, Section 2 (2) (a) of Act 6 (i.e., the Registration Amendment Act) 1964. If your landlord has violated your right to silent enjoyment, there are a number of legal options at your disposal. First, depending on the circumstances, you can seek damages (monetary compensation) against your lessor and obtain an injunction that prevents him or his agents from pursuing the act. It is also possible (depending on the particular circumstances) to initiate criminal proceedings for intimidation, as provided for in Section 4 of the Public Order Act 1965. On the other hand, a tenant whose right to a silent enjoyment has been violated may regard the act as a ”constructive evacuation” and is entitled either to terminate the tenancy agreement or to withhold the rent. At the time of the lease/leasing, although they agreed that it was for 6 and a half years as of April 1, 1996, they had no commonalities at the time of their term, the term being calculated on the basis of the agreed facts, 6 and a half years would end on September 30, 2002.

This is more consistent with the evidence of the defendant than the applicant, who claims that the lease ended in June 2003. Overall, it is not clear whether the parties were a lease or an annual lease. It appears that the parties undersigned themselves to handle complex legal issues and only used legal representation when disputes over the lease and its terms arose. There was not much the lawyers themselves could do to correct the wrongs that were already so egregious. In different parts of the evidence by both the plaintiffs and the defendants is referred to whole months or all year, if what is required is specific data in the month. In this way, the court would determine whether a termination was valid or not, whether an annual lease had expired, or whether a lease (lease) had expired excluding the deadline.

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