Collective Agreement Ecsd

11.2.2 Subject to the conditions of insurance policies for social insurance agencies, teachers on maternity, adoption or parental leave may, through the department, arrange to pay 100% of the benefit premiums under the collective agreement for up to 12 months. 1.4.1 has the exclusive power to bargain collectively with TEBA on behalf of all teachers in the bargaining units and to engage teachers in each collective agreement with respect to the core concepts; and 1.2.6 Teachers employed every hour by the Department of Lifelong Learning and Alternative Educational Services to deliver tutorials and summer, evening and weekend credit courses are not subject to the conditions of this agreement. 2.5.1 Notwithstanding Article 130 of the Labour Code, a collective agreement that came into force between the parties at the time of notification applies, despite a termination date in the collective agreement 16.4.1 Step 1: a complaint must be filed within twenty (20) days of course from the time of entry or from the date on which the teacher must be reasonably respected. , to present. became aware of his behaviour. The complaint must be written down and indicate the nature and circumstances of its entry, as well as the party or parts of the collective agreement that were allegedly violated, as well as the corrective measures requested. 3.4.11 Clauses 3.4.6 to 3.4.10 of this article apply only to teachers whose recruitment date is set at or after this Agreement comes into force. 1.5.1 For the purposes of collective bargaining with the association, TEBA is an employer organization within the meaning of the labour code and, for centralized bargaining, it has only the power to bargain collectively on behalf of employers and to engage school courts in each agreement with respect to the central concepts. The parties agree that the setting of salary network adjustments for the duration of the collective agreement will be referred to a voluntary and mandatory interest rate arbitration procedure under the following conditions: this letter of intent reflects an obligation between TEBA and the association and is not applicable under this collective agreement. This is provided in the collective agreement only for informational purposes.

11.3.5 The department pays the portion of the teacher`s benefits covered by Section 7.0 of the collective agreement for thirty-six (36) weeks of parental leave. The HSA remains active for the duration of parental leave, but no additional credit will be paid to the HSA during this period. (a) A division concerned corrects any non-compliance with the collective agreement.

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