Contractual Agreement Kudoz

The term of this Agreement shall commence from the date on which the consignor anticipates to the driver a ”job” to be carried by the driver and shall remain effective and effective until the driver has completed the ”work” according to the ”job” details agreed between the loader and the driver. The pick-up date is the date agreed by the sender and the driver. The driver shall take out and maintain motor vehicle liability insurance to the extent possible in order to adequately cover the driver`s performance under this Agreement. Including the operation of a motor vehicle, at least in the minimum amounts required by applicable federal or regional laws and regulations. This agreement will be concluded and concluded at ___ The use of contractual agreements by the angel can dilute the power of the entrepreneur. At Witness Whereof, the parties had this agreement signed as the above-mentioned date. Contracts should clearly state the purpose and evaluation issues, the agreed results and timelines, the obligations of each party (with respect to the services to be provided and ethical obligations, including confidentiality requirements) and project management processes, including dispute resolution. The driver acts as an independent entity and not as a carrier when selling, negotiating, supplying or organising means of transport by motor vehicles and other types of compensation. The driver provides the services provided for therein as an independent contractor and not as an employee or representative of the consignor. The driver has exclusive control and management of the provision of the services mentioned below. The driver declares and guarantees that he is duly and legally qualified to provide all the services envisaged and agreed between the driver and the sender. The driver undertakes to cooperate with the consignor and to maintain open communication in order to keep the consignor informed of the driver`s status and the progress made in carrying out the task, as agreed. Where one of the Parties is prevented from fulfilling any of its obligations under this Treaty by reason of fire, flood, storm, hurricane, force majeure, an act of government, failure of the other Party or other unforeseen cause that is not under the control of that Party.

It shall be compensated for the performance of the obligation from which it is prevented from performing such an event during the period during which it is pending. Each party undertakes to immediately inform the other party orally of such an event, indicating its course and foreseeable duration as soon as possible. That party must inform the other party immediately after the end of such an event. Drivers are advised not to put the cat/cat in the vehicle or kennel, but it is expected that the owner or pickup of additional information to the contractual agreements may be added…

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