Display Rebate Agreement Tcode

The agreement type indicates the type of contract used for the respective IP application. There may be one or more types of agreements for sales discounts and the corresponding type is selected when the agreement is concluded. The Administrator Data tab contains the agreement`s management information, for example.B. Creation and editing information. The button displays the search protocol for the selected partner. Available in create and edit mode after a template is assigned to the agreement. Columns (some of the default columns displayed are as follows): For example, if the Partners tab contains 10 salespeople, a salary at the end, and a Ship-to, the user can view ”All Employees” and filter the sold to and Ship-to files in the view. To maintain/display the price list, you can use the TCode /IRM/GPBM. This allows you to navigate to the workbench of the price book. This means that you want to remove the difference between anticipated and actual provisions and bring them down to zero. It creates a right to be different; it is an accounting entry. If you decide to close it, you will receive a pop-up window and ask what type of claim you want to use.

If you close at the agreement level, the status of the agreement changes. The button is used to display a report of all messages generated for the action. This is the same protocol as the one saved in the Protocol tab with the Action Details button. Only available if at least one agreement is included in the research and work list. The button is used to display the action definition. (for example. B the contract is expiring or has already expired. Please put in place the necessary actions.) To check the condition type and key combination for a discount agreement. 2.

Next, create a discount agreement for that T code UST VB01. For the discount agreement type, you can select either 0001 The fields on the Organization tab are used to illustrate all organization data related to the agreement. An agreement requirement allows for a formal verification process before the copy is saved as an agreement. The Sales Receipts tab displays all sales receipts (contracts, orders, and/or offers) that have been placed directly in the Workbench agreement. Detailed information about each price record can be pierced by clicking on the button. Once the user is in the detailed image of the price record, they can create, edit, and view scales, text, and validity periods. Once your discounts have accumulated, you must pay the discount. Termination The call is used to assign a reason for terminating a contract when it is terminated, for example. B”customer request”, ”sales manager request” or ”company out of service”. The status field indicates the authorization phase in which the agreement is currently located, i.e. new, authorization, management/legal verification and authorization. If a status profile is set for an agreement, the agreement can only be activated when the agreement is in the ”Approved” status.

The Review Type drop-down menu is a fixed field associated with the status of a contract request. Below are the ways to view the list of revisions: Close Out Rsn is the reason for closing or disabling an agreement, z.B. . . .

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