Mis Sold Hp Agreement

So what`s wrong with HP buying a new car? Unfortunately, some HP deals are sold to customers in the form of PCP deals, although this may not have been appropriate. The bad sale of PCP or HP depends entirely on your circumstances and needs, as illustrated by an example below If you feel that you have been misled about a key feature of the car or financing agreement, we will look at things like: This is because the Consumer Rights Act 2015 includes a provision in the contract, that the goods delivered under such agreements are of satisfactory quality. If your complaint is about an overrun of the fee and you did not know that there was an annual mileage cap when you entered into the agreement, we will examine whether the financing agreement was incorrectly sold to you. This is a simple process – if you think a car rental plan has been sold to you incorrectly, just contact us and one of our employees will contact you promptly to discuss the matter…

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