Non Importation Agreement Example

Due to facts and information: the French and Indian War (Seven Years` War) had left Britain heavily indebted by the war and the British were looking for ways to reduce the war debt by introducing new taxes into the colonies. Tensions in the colonies increased due to the demands and taxes formulated by the British Parliament. There were no American settlers in the British parliament, which led to the cry ”No taxation without representation!” American politicians and patriots, led by the secret society Sons of Liberty, began protesting British laws and taxes. The Sons of Liberty and American merchants launched a boycott of English goods in response to the new taxes. As such, this is a short and relatively simple business message. In these complaints, Parliament has clearly attempted to weaken its authority, the navigation laws, the trading system and, consequently, the entire empire. [4] The only peaceful means left for the American colonies to impose their demands on the British government were probably boycotts of British goods.

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