Pa Collective Agreement Canada

3.03 With the exception of the clauses relating to maternity leave, maternity allowance, medical appointments for pregnant workers and redistribution or maternity-related leave in this Agreement, expressions relating to the worker or the male or female sex are intended for all employees, regardless of their sex. The employer undertakes to make $330,000 per month available to the PSAC – TBS JLP, from the date of signature of the collective agreement pa until the signing of the next collective agreement pa, until the subsequent collective agreement pa is signed in order to ensure the continuity of this initiative. ** The negotiator`s proposal on medical certificates is threefold: the PSAC is endeavouring to include in the PA Agreement: the implementation and application of this Directive does not fall within the scope of this Declaration of Intent or the collective agreement. This Memorandum of Understanding was conceived as a temporary measure; it was supposed to last one year and expired in June 2017. The parties extended the duration until June 2018 by mutual agreement. Comparisons also include targeted improvements worth around 1% over the duration of the agreements. For most of the 34 groups, these improvements are made in the form of salary adjustments spread over two years: 0.8% in 1 and 0.2% in 2 years. These include the Economics and Social Services (EC) Group, represented by the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE), the Financial Management Group (FI), represented by the Association of Canadian Financial Officers (ACFO), and the Architecture, Engineering and Land Measurement (NR) Group, represented by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC). For certain other groups, including audit, trade and purchasing (AV), health services groups (HS) represented by PIPSC and the Foreign Service Group (FS), represented by the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO), the parties agreed to allocate the 1% differently depending on the specific circumstances of each group; however, the total value of these targeted adjustments shall not exceed 1%. The Technical Committee will develop all necessary agreements and documents to support the review of a welfare plan in the next round of collective bargaining. This work is expected to be completed by 1 December 2021-2017. During a series of periodic meetings, the Technical Commission makes preliminary recommendations for consideration by the Steering Committee on the following issues: Any agreement reached during the current cycle with 11 bargaining agents for 17 bargaining units at the CPA provides for a four-year term. The same applies to separate agencies.

The employer considers that it would be appropriate to include the same duration for the PA group. This is the appropriate term for this agreement at this stage, given the known factors. Some other groups, such as the FS group represented by PAFSO, have benefited from various targeted measures to meet their specific needs, but the total value of these specific improvements has been around 1% over the four years of their agreements. The employer considers that the agreement pa is a successful agreement which does not require major changes. As a result, the employer is presenting a reduced set of proposals that includes modest economic increases and changes to leave plans that are tailored to what was agreed with 34 other groups in the current round of bargaining. TBS has successfully concluded collective agreements for 17 CPA groups with 11 negotiators. These 17 collective agreements apply to workers represented by some of the key negotiators, including PIPSC, CAPE and ACFO. . . .

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