Power Purchase Agreement W Polsce

In particular, ppa agreements are recommended for contractors for whom electricity costs are an important component of business costs (. B, for example, energy-intensive entrepreneurs). CPPAs seem to be a very interesting alternative or complement to the existing purchasing model. AAEs are complex agreements and often require a lot of time and advice to be effectively concluded. Due to the long-term nature of AAEs, both parties are also tied to long-term conditions. This can have negative effects if prices are negative for a party. Electricity generation, particularly from wind and photovoltaic energy, is also volatile. In the absence of pre-agreed amounts of electricity on the delivery date, the plant operator must be able to financially or physically offset the electricity or outsource it to a third party. B for example, an electricity manager. The Commodity Energy Exchange gives the customer the ability to set energy prices transparently for three years in advance (for example, in 2017, the customer could set energy prices for 2018, 2019 and 2020, currently the customer can secure and set prices for 2020, 2021 and 2022). Sellers may offer prices for a longer period of time, but the risk premium is probably unacceptable to customers. An off-site AAE is sometimes called virtual (synthetic) AAE.

In this model, the marketing company acts as an intermediary between the energy producer of the RES facility and its customer. The main differences between the market energy purchasing model, the automotive generation and the on-site/off-site PPP show the following graph: When legal financial support for an existing facility expires, the PPP can continue to fund the operation of the facility, for example. B maintenance and rental costs. The long-term likelihood that renewable energy sources will become more competitive also makes it possible to use AAEs to finance power plants in the future. First of all, it should be stressed that we believe that this should be an unreported and unregulated treaty in acts that are of general application and should therefore be based primarily on the principle of freedom of contract and on the principles of general civil obligations. It is therefore not necessary to codify this issue into a separate statute. The AAE comprehensively defines the terms of the sale of electricity between the two companies, including the timing of energy supply, the non-supply of adequate electricity, the terms of payment and possible terminations. AAEs are also an important tool to facilitate the financing or refinancing of the construction of ser facilities – Now it is particularly important to invest in green energy when, from 1 October 2020, a new item – the electricity tax – will appear on electricity distribution bills.

According to the Ministry of Energy, this charge will average about 45 PLN/MWh and will be calculated on the electricity consumed by the customer during the hours set by the decree of the Minister of Energy. Given the problems faced by the Polish energy sector with regard to peak electricity production, probably during peak hours (7-20), this charge will appear. However, photovoltaic or wind power plants can significantly reduce peak energy consumption, which will bring tangible benefits: first, by reducing the variable distribution charge (self-production) and, second, by reducing the electricity load. A common question for generators or investors in renewable energy facilities is which model is most advantageous, i.e. which model is most advantageous.

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